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UV Light Sanitizer, UV LED Sterilizing Box for Mobile Phone, Glasses, Watches, Nail Tool, Beauty Tool etc/ with 8 LEDs

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Product Overview

The UVC Ultraviolet Sterilization Box is the best way to clean your everyday products, from mobile phones, The product uses quartz ultraviolet ozone lamp exclusively. The bactericidal rate is up to 99.9% by using high efficiency sterilization wave band. The UVC disinfection box can kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi off by using UVC short wave. The effect by using our UVC disinfection box 5 minutes is equal to 6 hours sunshine duration. The ultraviolet light destroys the DNA or DNA molecular structure in the bacteria, and the growth cells and the regenerative cells are killed to achieve the sterilization effect. The Ozone from the ultraviolet ozone germicidal lamp will sink at the bottom of the box which can kill viruses off throughly.

  • Shut down automatically if case opens for safety. 
  • UVC  sterilization  
  • Wave band: UV-C 253.7
  • Rapid Sterilization in 300 seconds.
  • Bactericidal rate up to 99.9%
  • Long working time
  • Far-UVC Light


(No reviews yet) Write a Review