Uniniex VS-14 4 Way Audio Video RCA Selector Switch Box With Remote Control

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Uninex VS-14 Audio Video Components Selector Switch

This ad is for a Brand new VS-14 audio and video source selector switch. This Video Selector makes it easy for you to organize your most of your Video/audio systems. It allows you to connect up to 4 S-Videos or RCA Video Cable, such as Satellite Receivers, DVD Player, VCR, Video Games, Camcorder, or DVR to a Television or Home Theater System. Use this device to help you eliminate cable swapping, splitters, andtother annoyances with multiple A/V Devices. The unit comes with a convenient remote control so you can switch between the devices you are hooked up on without having to get up to swap any cables.


  • Provides up to 4 additional S-VHS or Composite stereo A/V Inputs
  • Comes with Remote Control for Ultimate conveniece\.
  • Connect all your ome Theater Components, into one Central Location
  • The Source Selector provides 4 Additional S-Video audio/video and composite video inputs.
  • Connections:
    A/V Inputs: 4
    A/V Outputs 1



1- Video Selector and 1- Remote Control


60 Day Free Warranty