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Sync your Bluetooth Devices with BT-900 USB Bluetooth Adapter

This page will give you the step by step instuctions on how to sync your BT-900 USB Bluetooth Adapter to our iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC, And other Bluetooth Enabled devices.222.jpg

1.) You will first Insert your Bluetooth Dongle to a Music Playing device that has a USB Port such as Portable Speakers, Car Stereos, Home Speaker Systems, etc.  You will then hear a noise that means the Bluetooth Dongle has been inserted.

2.) Go to your smartphone/tablet/Laptop/Bluetooth Enabled Device and go to your Bluetooth Settings. When searching for the Dongle, Find "BT DONGLE"

*Note: There will be times when inserting the USB Dongle to the USB Port, it will not read even when you hear the little ringing noise. You can Disconnect and re-install the Bluetooth Dongle for it to be read again.

3.) As you are pairing your phone to the Dongle, You will hear different ringing noise towards the end to let you know that you are now sync with the Bluetooth Device.

*If you are unable to pair your phone, Check to see if your phone or device is sync with any other bluetooth devices.

4.) Once synced, you are now able to play music or make hands-free calling bluetooth Wirelessly.