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Set up the Axess MPWL-1503 with PA Systems and Camcorders

This page will help you understand how to set up the MPWL-1503 Lapel Lavalier and Headset Microphone system with many Microphone Input devices.


Here are the steps for Setting up the Axess MPWL-1503 microphone system: 

1.) Attach the corresponding batteries(included with the product) to both the Receiver and the Transmitter

2.) Connect the 3.5mm to 1/4" cable on one end of the Receiver and the other end to the Microphone input to your PA System, Karaoke Machines, Portable Speakers, and more.

3.) If you are trying to use a camcorder or computer with the Microphone Input, then you must connect one end to the receiver and the other end you must connect the 1/4" to 3.5mm adpater(included) and connect that to your Camcorder or Computer input. 

4.) Switch on both the Transmitter and Receiver and connect any one of the two Microphones(Lapel Lavalier Mic or Headset Mic) to your Transmitter and enjoy talking through your Microphone system.