Multicolor and Color Changing Angel and Sun Flower Shaped Solar LED Lights

E2200+sunflower light
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Multi color and Color Changing Angel and Sun Flower Shaped Solar LED Lights
Easy to use Decorations that go well in any garden

This combo deal comes with the all new E2200 Angel and Sun Flower shaped lights. These lights are aesthetically pleasing to look at during the day and very impressive at night when the LEDs come on. These light are ideal to be placed in any garden or walkways to add flair and flavor. Both of the lights are recharged by solar power meaning you do not need to constantly change the batteries or run dangerous wire to the lights. The light also have a light sensor allowing them to automatically turn on when it is dark out and turn off during the day.

The angle shaped light is simple clear angel with frosted skirt. During the day, the angel seems right in place with any garden or background. At night, the LED lights display a nice array of reds, blues, greens, and combinations there of.

The sunflower light is encased in small round dome and is surrounded by a metal casting of sunflower petals to give it a rustic yet modern feel. During the Day, The sunflower stands at the center of attention and captivates the audience at night with an array of fantastic and rich Reds, blues, greens, and combination colors such as purple or orange.


  • LED Light that will cycle through different colors
  • 6 hour charge time and 8 hour on time
  • auto on and off

Contents in order: 1 angel light, 1 sun flower light (Both with built in solar charger)


Quick and Easy decorations that are also appeasing to look at. Order this combo deal now and save. 
60 Day Free Warranty