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How to use the Axess TV1703-7 Portable 7 inch LCD Digital TV and multimedia player


Here some ideas on to use the Axess TV1703-7 Portable LCD TV

1.) The TV already comes with a double sided paste that that sticks to your stand and dashboard. Simply peel off the paper, apply it to the surface of your choice.

The TV can also be placed on the head rest for back paasengers. 

2.)  On the back of the TV start by unscrewing the back panel located in the middle with four screws

3.) Next you will need a velcro strap that is not included along with the TV itself. Start by applying the velcro strap on the area where the panel was removed. Make sure to leave enough excess.

4.) After placing the velcro on screw back in the panel. Make sure that you've screwed it in firmly.

5.) Now wrap the excess around the aea of choice, preferably around a car seat head rest. Make sure to tighten the velcro so that the TV does not have the possibility of falling off.


6.) After positioning the TV in the location of your choice, plug in the charger so that  the TV can continue playing for those long trips.


7.) Plug in your SD or USB flash drive and watch your videos.