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Installing your Performance Teknique ICBM-CYCLE

This page is here to help you how to install the Performance Teknique  ICBM Cycle to your Motorcycle, Golf Car, ATV, etc..



Here are the steps into installing the Performance Teknique Amplifier:

1.) Insert the Power Cable to the amplifier and correctly inserter the proper cable to its place
    Red wire: The Red Wire must go to the Positive side of the Battery
    Black Wire: The Black Wire must go to the neative side of the Battery.
    Orange Wire: You must always connect the Wire for it to access the remote, it can go to your ignition or to the positive sid eof your battery as well.
    Red/Black Wires: These are the speaker wires that you must have them connected to the SPeaker connection for it to work.

2.) Make Sure you connect the  Remote Key to its proper hole and that it is inserted correctly.

3.) Turn on the Power Button and you should be able to hear Radio stations,

4.) Connect either a USB or a SD Card and play your MP3 Format music in your Amplifier
*Note: the Headphone Output is only used for connecting headphones to it and you can not play your music on your phone or tablet with a AUX able or its own USB Conncetion.


*We do have a Special Listing to insert a USB Bluetooth Receiver Dongle and play your music on your phone Wirelessly with smartphone, Tablet, or any music playing device that is Bluetooth Enabled.