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Looking to Cut the Chord and lose that monthly cable bill?


In the age of streaming and on other on-demand forms of entertainment people often ask, "What is the point of having Cable or Satellite TV?"

Well to be honest the common issue of having cable is that there are over 1000 channels and yet nothing to watch or simply only watching from a hand full of channels. However some people still do not want to take the plunge and fully cut the cable just yet because they want to keep up to date with local news and still have access to more local channels. 

Luckily installing an Over the Air TV Antenna has never been easier. Most cases it's just a simple installation of the antenna to a power source and then a connection from the antenna to the TV through a coaxial cable. Here at DiscountPlusinc. we offer a variety of antennas. 

In most cases we often recommend an outdoor antenna to receive the most amount of channels. Outdoor antennashave the least amount of interference when properly mounted about 30 feet above ground. 

If you happen to live in an apartment and can not install an outdoor antenna then we suggest one our indoor antennas a solution. Indoor antennas are much easier to set up and work more effectively than old rabbit ear antennas of old.

There are also cases where we have people mention that they can not receive signal in their area despite their best efforts. It is true that there is some places that are completely unable to use antennas. We often advise new customers to check their local area on various websites to make sure they have signal before buying in order to save time and money. 

So what are you waiting for? Cut that cable bill and start enjoying free over the air TV without having to pay a cable bill ever again.