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Christmas Gift Ideas


The Holidays are underway and that means you have to figure out what to get your loved ones for the season. Well here at Discountplusinc we have a diverse selection of products that will make a great gift but also wont empty your wallet. 

BT-186 Portable Bluetooth Truck Shaped Speaker

The BT-186 is small multimedia speaker that is shaped to model a truck. This gives it stylish and unique look to stand out and make it more appealing. The speaker is able to play audio files from many different sources like: SD cards, USB flash drives, ipods/mp3 players via aux chord, and smart phones or tablets via bluetooth connectivity. The BT-186 works great as a small multimedia personal speaker. Available in Red, Blue, and Black. While supplies last.

TV1703 7 inch Portable LCD TV

The TV1703 by Axess provides a way for you and your family to watch TV without having to spend a lot of money. The portable TV not only can receive over the air TV signal but also can watch MP4 videos via SD or USB storage devices. Along with accessories this portable TV can be easily used in the car for those long road trips. This makes a great gift for small children or someone who just likes to spend a lot of time out of the house. 

WA-2608 360° VHF/UHF Digital HDTV Rotating Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna

The WA-2608 HDTV Outdoor Antenna provides you with the ability to receive free over the air TV signal. This means you can say goodbye to those monthly cable/satellite bills. As we move to watching our favorite shows via streaming services we begin to need our premium cable/satellite services less and less. If you're someone who just wants to have the local channels then this product is for you. Simply check to see if your area is within over the air signal, set up the antenna outside, aim and scan for signal, then begin to enjoy free over the air TV. With many channels available for free and more being added consistently, this antenna can provide you all the TV you need. As always make sure your area is within range to receive signal. You can check for yourself here.

We hope that this provided you some ideas for Christmas gifts and check out the rest of our store many more items.