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Why You May Need a Solar Lantern



A solar lantern is commonly known for its use in the outdoors, especially for those who go camping or hiking. Lanterns are not highly used outside of those hobbies due to our modern environment having everything being illuminated by electrical light.  Solar lanterns used in things other than outdoor activities sounds very unusual or rare to see. But I want to inform you on why you may need a lantern especially a solar lantern for either outdoor use or even emergency use. 

While you may be wondering, "I don't go hiking nor do I go camping, so why would I need a lantern?" Well while most may not partake in those hobbies, lanterns have their uses outside of said activities and you may end up needing it when you least expect it.

Power outages can and will happen to anyone in their lifetime. The  fact is that being in left literally in the dark can be not only unsettling but also dangerous. If you experience power outages that last more than just a few minutes then you understand that a flashlight can become your best friend. Of course some people may have a flashlight to illuminate what's in front of them and may not be able to light up their surroundings but with a lantern you can easily light up an entire room. The lantern we can provide features 120 lumens, meaning you can place in the middle of a room and provide enough light to see throughout its perimeter. This lantern is small but bright enough to get you through those longer power outages.

The next reason is similar to the previous one but is something worth mentioning. Are you ready in case of a natural disaster? During disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards you will most likely experience power outages for long periods of time. As much as it is recommended, it's always best to have a emergency kit ready for when the unthinkable happens. Food, water, first aid kit, and radio are important for this kits but what is also important is a portable light source. The lantern we sell is small, compact and efficient. Small enough to fit in most back packs and can be used as a flash light as well with its bottom LED light. This lantern is bright enough for many situations and is easily rechargeable thanks to its solar powered battery. 

As much as we have been touting this as more than just an outdoor device the lantern we sell is also perfect for the more common use. Being both a lantern and a flashlight makes having pack less for your next camping trip. This bright little solar light also makes great for your personal use lantern that can easily illuminate your path on a night hike or your entire tent. Our lantern makes it easy to charge even your own phone or usb chargeable device  easily with its usb port. So you can charge your phone at night and then recharge your lantern during the day to keep your device charged for whatever situation.

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